Zeughauskino Berlin
10.-27. Oktober 2019

Sin manual / No Further Instructions

Francisco González Piña’s work No Further Instructions is a rare documentary on architecture insofar it actually shows the building process. Through his suspenseful long-term observation, we witness how Mexican engineers and workers manage with precision, improvisational talent, and great dedication to build a museum for Baroque art in the city of Puebla – against all odds, according to schedule, and within budget; an achievement that, in Germany, has become unimaginable. The museum is designed by star-architect Toyo Ito who is as famous for his biomorphic design vocabulary as he is infamous for his challenging projects. Piña’s documentary cinema allows us to experience Ito’s architecture as a nuanced playground of colors, forms, surfaces, and light. And yet, at the center of his film is always the Mexican master builders whose ingenuity evokes the memory of their pre-Columbian ancestors.


Francisco González

Francisco González is a Mexican director and producer and founder of Lumática, a creative studio which offers animation, production and post production services. His advertising background started at 18, when he worked as a copywriter, designer and animator. Gradually, he discovered the world of production, as a photographer, editor, scriptwriter, and producer. He established Lumática Films in 2011 and started directing documentaries such as “One step, one summit” about a group of Mexican women who, after beating breast cancer, enrolled on a cathartic hike to the summit of Mexico ́s highest peak. The film made it to the finals of the “Caracol de Plata Award”, which rec-ognizes the best social responsibility messages in Latin America; “Surviving is not enough”, about a fund raising ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and “From the ground up”, which follows a Mexican athlete who set a speed world record by going from sea level in Veracruz to the highest point of Mexico at almost 19,000 feet high in less than 16 hours nonstop, cycling, running and climbing. In 2016, Francisco directed “No further instructions”, a documentary on how Mexican ingenuity made the construction of the International Baroque Museum possible in Puebla, in only 27 weeks. The complex building was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.