Zeughauskino Berlin
10.-27. Oktober 2019

Bando, um filme de / Bando, A Movie of

Since 1979, the Samba-Reggae band Olodum from Salvador da Bahia is the musical ambassador of Brazil and a powerful voice of the Afro-Brazilian political struggle. Emerging from the sphere of Olodum, Bando de Teatro Olodum, or Bando, was founded in 1990. Using elements of theatre, dance, carnival, religion, and Capoeira, the company created its own, distinct theatre form. For the first time, a film, containing numerous interviews and, until now, unpublished video material, documents the exuberant creativity and the emancipatory strength of this unique ensemble without omitting failures, disappointments, and contradictions: for instance, the fact that a white director played a significant role in the development of the company. The work of Lázaro Ramos and Thiago Gomes documents the ensemble’s search for an artistic identity and its constant fight for funding and recognition against the strong opposition of a mostly white establishment. In the face of the current political situation in Brazil, the story of Bando is hugely relevant.


Lázaro Ramos und Thiago Gomes

Lázaro Ramos, Brazilian actor, director, presenter and writer, began his career in the Olodum Theater Band, gained fame in the film "Madame Satã" (2002), and has starred in other successful national film productions such as "Carandiru" and "The Man Who Copied". With more than 60 awards in theater and television, he has been touring Brazil in the last year with the montage O Topo da Montanha and starred in the series "Mister Brau". For 13 years, Ramos has been host of the show Espelho on Canal Brasil.

Thiago Gomes is a film and TV director, screenwriter and editor. He directed the films "Everything That Moves" (2014) and "Bando, A Film Of:" (2018), which won Best Bahian Feature Film at Panorama International Festival of Cinema. His work also includes the short films "The Bullets I Did Not Give To My Son" (2018) and "Braseiro" (2013). On TV, he directed the 12th season of the show Espelho on Canal Brasil and was assistant director of TV Globo's Segundo Sol soap opera. He cur-ently directs the 14th season of "The Mirror" and is assistant director in drama at TV Globo.