Zeughauskino Berlin
10.-27. Oktober 2019

Symposium Nuances Now

The 5th DOKUARTS-symposium will look at the current relevance of nuance and discuss its significance in the realm of documentary filmmaking.

Theodor W. Adorno related nuance to the “incommensurable” and referred to it as the “fresh-fallen snow in which intentions have not yet left traces”. For Walter Benjamin nuances revealed new paths of memory and knowledge. This he expresses in a famous passage of his book A Berlin Chronicle: “He who has once begun to open the fan of memory never comes to the end of its segments; no image satisfies him, for he has seen that it can be unfolded, and only in its folds does the truth reside; that image, that taste, that touch for whose sake all this has been unfurled and dissected; and now remembrance advances from small to smallest details, from the smallest to the infinitesimal, while that which it encounters in these microcosms grows even mightier.” For French philosopher Roland Barthes nuances even were a concept of life.
Where can we detect links between these philosophical concepts and the aesthetics and politics of documentary films? When and how do nuances occur in the process of documentary filmmaking? Why are nuances important, and what kind of difficulties do they entail? What exactly is the poetry, the “incommensurable” of artistic work, and how may it be captured with the camera?

Date Friday, October 11, 2 pm – 6 pm (followed by film programme with guests)
Location Zeughauskino of the German Historical Museum, Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin
Conference Language German/English

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Participants and Lectures

Keynote Nuance and 'The Botany of Desire'

Sarah Cooper, Professor of Film Studies at King's College London

They Just Wanna Play

Matthias Dell, film critic, amongst others for Deutschlandradio,,, Cargo

In the Mode of Doubt: Documentary Reconstruction and Examination of the Circumstantial Evidence

Britta Hartmann, Professor of Film and Audiovisual Media Cultures, University of Bonn

The BIG small

Christoph Hübner, author, filmmaker, producer

Me & My Shadow

Rania Stephan, artist and filmmaker

Moderation of the symposium:
Bert Rebhandl (journalist and author, film critic for amongst others Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; co-editor Cargo Film Medien Kultur)