Zeughauskino Berlin
10.-27. Oktober 2019

Christoph Hübner

Christoph Hübner is a German author, director and producer whose films have won nume-rous awards. They include ”Vincent van Gogh”, “Der Weg nach Courrières” (Journey to Courrières), his long-term project on jung soccer players “Die Champions” (The Champions) and “Halbzeit” (Half-Time), the biographical film “Thomas Harlan Wandersplitter” and the music film “Transmitting”. For German television, he developed amongst others the 16-part series “Dokumentarisch arbeiten”.

The BIG small

Nuances – a word so small, so nondescript at first. As a matter of fact, nuances are often pivotal. I dare to argue that, in our documentary work, half of the time and attention while shooting and, in particular, while editing the film is absorbed struggling with nuances: How long should a certain scene take? Just when does an image become an image? How can sound create space for a scene? At what point does language turn into action rather than remaining motionless in a stereotyped interview? Such questions are similar to questions in music where it makes a great difference whether I stress the first or second part of a bar – even though the notes may remain unchanged.
Rather than talking about them, nuances are best shown or practically described. Therefore, I will draw on excerpts from my own films to illustrate the vital role of the “big small” - the nuances - in the area of documentary work.